Digital Servo Controllers (Drives)

  • The DeltaDrive can be utilized as a control device for synchronous machines with sine-wave and BDC commutation and for asynchronous machines with field-oriented vector control. Customer demands and applications will determine the choice of motor.
  • The DeltaDrive 3-phase control device, which is fully digitized, enables a direct connection to 100 VAC-230 VAC mains, basic interference filters are included.
  • The DeltaDrive is standard equipped with encoder feedback, which allows the use of synchronous and asynchronous motors. Options for other feedback methods are available on demand. Using advanced computer technology allows to adapt the deltadrive to any kind of application.

Standard inputs and outputs

  • The basic device is equipped with numerous digital inputs and digital outputs, as well as 3 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.
  • Inputs and outputs can be programmed with the help of user friendly application software.
  • Configuration, start-up and diagnosis are achieved with the help of a PC user interface via RS-232/RS 422. Depending on the network protocol, up to 16 devices can be networked together (without repeater).

Features and benefits

  • Additional applications, such as spindle positioning, indexing, winder with tension control, electronic gearing and integration of entire customer applications in the drive, are in wide use.
  • Mounting any network between the drives automatically enables multi-axis operations.